Rabu, 14 Maret 2012

Welcome to goodreads ;)

Alhamdulillah from today join in Goodreads. Aware that have not been able to join istiqomah reviewing the book here so let's easier to force yourself to read and write;).
 Since the theme of the book, want to discuss two books of Ippho Santosa (7 Wonders Rezeki and 40 Days With Right Brain), rather than the discussion of the contents is expressly yes. But there are things between the lines I want to say. In this book Mas Ippho indirectly invites us to better understand Islam and show that the doctrine and the rule in Islam is perfect. Mas Ippho show that while the rules and teachings of Islam carried out will lead us to happiness and prosperity. Islamic rule is not just about economic sustenance and, yes, but the implementation of the rules in all aspects of life.

Glory and prosperity has been shown to be felt when the rules of Islam in the shade of the Khilafah upright for 13 centuries.
NB: the recomposition of the google translation
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